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The mission of the Worship Commission is to create an environment of prayer and worship that enables our faith community to deepen our faith as we offer praise to God, through sharing in God’s Word and being nourished in the sacred meal of the Eucharist.

Our many liturgical ministries serve to encourage full, conscious and active participation of all ages in the celebration of the Eucharist, the very wellspring from which all of our parish life flows. 

Through our shared worship, we are renewed as God’s People and are empowered as a faith Community to go forth, sustained in faith and become servants of the living message of Christ’s peace, justice and love in the world.  Questions, contact:

Deacon John Lorbach
847-253-8600 x 160

Minister Schedule Contact Info

Due to publication dates, liturgical schedules are written 6 weeks prior to the first day.  Contact your schedule writer early!!!



Tim McDermott

Communion Ministry:

Altar Server (Weekend and Weddings):

Altar Server (Weekdays):