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Getting Involved at St. Raymond Parish

We invite all our parishioners to get involved in our Parish!  Have a question about a ministry?  Want to know more?  Talk to us!  We want to hear from you!

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Family Mass at St. Raymond

Family Mass is in need of families to participate in order to keep this tradition going strong!  Family masses are celebrated from October through May, normally at the 9:30 a.m. Mass on the first Sunday of the month.  Families may participate by Proclaiming the Readings*, Leading the Intercessions, Preparing the Altar or Presenting the Gifts.  Families come in all shapes and sizes, therefore, all are invited to participate…family of 1 or family of 8–it doesn’t matter.


Children’s Liturgy of the Word-Prayer Leaders Needed

Join us for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word! Experience God’s Word through our Children. If  you have attended the 9:30am Liturgy, you have most likely seen the children gather at the altar, receive a blessing from Father, march up the aisle and out the door.  While one adult carrying the Gospel overhead leads the children’s procession, two or three additional adults follow as the group heads to three school classrooms.  This is the procession for the Children’s Liturgy of the Word, led by our CLOW Prayer Leaders.

We call it “CLOW” (pronounced like “tow”).  And for us, CLOW is one of the most enjoyable, gratifying, and fun activities of our parish life.  We are part of the group who brings this ministry to life.  We are the CLOW Prayer Leaders.  And we invite you to join us! As you will see, our goal is to bring the Liturgy of the Word to life for the children.  We use a special lectionary written for children.  And we prepare in advance by reviewing the readings and a sampling of CLOW materials offering suggestions for our celebration.  CLOW is celebrated in three classrooms; two rooms for kids’ ages 4 to 7, one room for kids’ ages 8 and older.

From acting out the Gospel to discussing how they live the Gospel in their lives to offering their intentions, the children celebrate God’s word during CLOW.  As Prayer Leaders, our role is not that of catechists.  We are more the facilitators—the “tour guides” of the journey through the week’s readings.

We invite YOU to join the CLOW ministry!

Encounter Christ through the Children’s Liturgy of the Word.

Community and Neighborhood Opportunities

Kenneth Young Center Seeking Volunteer Home Delivered Meals Drivers

Bring healthy meals and friendship to homebound seniors! Please help by delivering hot noontime meals Monday through Friday to homebound seniors in the Mount Prospect neighborhood surrounding St. Raymond. Meal pick up is at Elk Grove Township (2400 South Arlington Heights Road, Arlington Heights, IL). The route takes about one hour to complete. At this time, we are in need of weekly, bimonthly and substitute drivers.  To learn more about this and other exciting opportunities, please call Colette Young, at 847-524-8800 x 182.


Click here to schedule your volunteer opportunity.

Archdiocesan Guidelines and Parish Requirements


There are numerous volunteer opportunities at our parish.  To assure the safety and protection of our children, we require that any volunteer working in the school or parish comply with guidelines established by the Archdiocese Office of Protection of Children and Youth. Every parish and school employee has completed these requirements. All volunteers are also required to comply with the following:


Online Background Screening eApps

Every volunteer working with children must complete an online background check. To access the background check page, please visit  Scroll to Protecting Childrenand select Compliance for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers.

(eAppsDB – Instructions for Volunteers).


Safe Environment Training — Virtus Training

Virtus is a specialized training program designed to alert adults to the dangers and red flags of child sexual abuse. The workshop explains what to look for in a sexual predator and ways to protect children against sexual abuse. Every volunteer at the school and parish is required to complete a three hour training session which is offered at many sites throughout the archdiocese, including St. Raymond. After completing the training, you will receive electronic bulletins monthly to read and complete.  To register for training visit


Code of Conduct

All volunteers who work with children must review and sign the Code of Conduct Acknowledgement Form. The form may be found at  Scroll down to Protecting Children and select Compliance for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers. Please return the signed form to the school office. The form may also be obtained at the school office.


Illinois Department of Children and Family Services’ (CANTS) Form

All volunteers who work in the school and parish must complete the Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System form.  For information about the State of Illinois child abuse and neglect system, visit  Scroll down to Protecting Children  and select Compliance for Clergy, Employees and Volunteers.  Return the completed form to the school office.  The original is sent to the Illinois Dept. of Children and Family Services and a copy retained by the school.  The form may also be obtained at the parish office. TO BE COMPLETED ANNUALLY.