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2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR


We are actively seeking adult volunteers to help with our programs. Without your commitment, we are limited in how we can engage the youth. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to Sharon Moeykens or Elizabeth Theiss for more information.  

Faith Formation Contacts

Sharon Moeykens, Interim Director of Children’s Faith Formation Grades 1-8 


Elizabeth Theiss, Faith Formation Coordinator 


Parish Office: 847-253-8000
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Children’s Formation 

Supporting parents, as their child’s first and most important guides of our Catholic faith, is an essential component of our Faith Formation program. The faith formation team is here to encourage and equip you, as parents/guardians, with tools to teach and model the Catholic faith in your homes. Our desire is that families enrolled in our RE program will fully participate in lessons (in-person or home study), Family Faith & Service opportunities, and weekly Mass. Building a strong faith foundation starts with a collaborative environment between families, catechists, and staff. We rely on parental involvement to help make our program successful. 

Grades 1-6 Religious Education and Grades 7-8 Confirmation 

Religious Education is our Children’s Faith Formation for students in grades 1-6. Our goal is to help students encounter Jesus Christ and to know His love for them. Our curriculum and catechists offer a focus on scripture along with engaging activities that deepen the connection to our Church teachings and living out the faith as a family. The Sacrament of First Holy Eucharist is received during your child’s second year of Religious Education, typically in second grade.

Confirmation is a consecutive two-year preparation program, typically starting in 7th grade. Over the two years, the youth are accompanied on their faith journey to connect the core teachings of the Catholic faith to their daily lives and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Making relevant connections that bring their faith to life equips them to be lifelong Catholics. 

What To Expect

St. Raymond offers two session options.
Option 1: In-Person – Grades 1-6 Religious Education and Grades 7-8 Confirmation classes will meet in person on Wednesdays from 5:30 – 6:45 pm. Students in sacramental years will have additional scheduled weekend formation days. Classes will begin with Family Orientation in September and end in April. A calendar will be provided to families. 

Option 2: Home Study – materials will be provided so parents can cover the materials at home following the pacing guide/calendar. The home study option is offered at the same cost as our classroom sessions. We ask that students in Sacramental Prep years (grades 1, 2, 7, 8) grade) enroll in our In-person option. This will ensure that students receive all the formation necessary in a community setting. Consideration for Home Study will be given if there is a special circumstance that prevents a child from attending in person.

We will be offering Faith and Service opportunities that promote learning and serving as a family to help foster a strong faith foundation. 


We will continue to use the St. Mary’s Press parish curriculum for all grades. Grades 1 and 3-5 will utilize Discover! Finding Faith in Life,  Grade 2 will utilize Go Seek Find: Discover God’s Treasures Find sacramental preparation material, and Grades 6-8 will explore the faith using Connect! Bringing Faith to Life curriculum.

Tuition Rates and Fees

Tuition rates include all materials and supplies. Sacramental fees are additional.  Any current outstanding balances must be paid prior to enrollment. Each family must log in or register with FACTS, our tuition management company, in order to ensure accurate recordkeeping. To access the FACTS portal, please see below. 

One child: $275
Two children: $450
Three or more children: $625

First Communion: $100
Confirmation: $100

Refund Policy

If your child and/or family needs to un-enroll from our program the fee structure is as follows:

  • Full tuition refund through June 30, 2023
  • 50% tuition refund July 1 – July 31, 2023
  • No tuition refund after August 1, 2023


St. Raymond Religious Education desires to bring our faith to all students. We strive to offer access to our faith formation program for individuals and families with special needs. This includes adaptive programming and inclusion to prepare children in need of accommodations for the Sacraments. Please reach out to Sharon Moeykens, Interim Director of Children’s Faith Formation for Grades 1-6 to discuss your child’s specific needs. 

If you need to access your FACTS account to review tuition charges and/or payments. Please login through the FACTS portal. Please contact Elizabeth Theiss at 847-253-8600 or with any questions or concerns regarding your FACTS account.