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Altar Servers

Altar servers are ministers of the liturgy who serve the Lord and the faith community by fulfilling many important liturgical functions. These include: leading the procession of ministers by carrying the Cross and torches, serving at the Table of the Word and the Eucharist, handling of the sacred vessels and holding the Book of the presider’s prayers, Sacramentary. All young people from 5th grade on, including high school, are invited to become an altar server at any time. High school servers minister on the weekends and at major liturgies. Grade school servers minister at daily liturgies. Servers may also elect to minister at funerals and weddings.

Servers are scheduled approximately once or twice a month. The ministry is always more than willing to work with our servers to accommodate their school and extra curricular schedules. A short training period is provided.


Altar Server (Weekend and Weddings):
Sue Beck

Altar Server (Weekdays):
Dina Shaw

Minister Schedule Contact Info

Due to publication dates, liturgical schedules are written 6 weeks prior to the first day.  Contact your schedule writer early!!!



Tim McDermott

Communion Ministry:

Altar Server (Weekend and Weddings):

Altar Server (Weekdays):