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Eucharistic Ministers and Coordinators of Communion

Ministers of Communion reverently serve the Body and Blood of Christ to the faith community. Through this sharing of the Eucharist, all are invited to open their hearts and to always be aware of the lives they touch. Adults and teens are cordially invited to become Ministers of Communion. All necessary training is provided. Ministers are commissioned by the Archdiocese for a renewable three-year period. Ministers also participate by attending an annual spiritual enrichment meeting. They may elect to either designate a specific Mass time, or they may wish to minister through a rotating schedule for any weekend liturgy. Ministers serve approximately twice a month.

Mary Kirby or Bonnie Klaus
847-346-8333 / 847-952-0585  or

Communion Ministry Coordinators
Invited by the coordinator team, Communion Ministry Coordinators are members of the larger body of regularly scheduled Ministers of Communion. Communion Ministry Coordinators prepare the sanctuary for the liturgies along with assisting, training and guiding the Ministers of Communion. Coordinators serve a three year renewable term, and all necessary training is provided. Currently, coordinators serve approximately three weekends a month.

Mary Kirby or Bonnie Klaus
847-346-8333 /847-952-0585  or

Minister Schedule Contact Info

Due to publication dates, liturgical schedules are written 6 weeks prior to the first day.  Contact your schedule writer early!!!



Tim McDermott

Communion Ministry:

Altar Server (Weekend and Weddings):

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