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Preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation
Parent’s Blessings & Challenges

  • Suddenly (or so it seems) a child becomes a young adolescent. At this exciting and often challenging stage, parental love and support are especially necessary. The focus in the teen’s self-discovery process is the recommitment to the call to live more deeply as a Christian disciple.
  • Through the sacrament of Confirmation, the young person affirms that, with the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit, they want to live a Christian life as a Catholic, bearing witness to Christ in the world. 
  • The reception of the sacrament presupposes a developing understanding of the responsibility to bring good news to the poor and oppressed, bring comfort to the sick, uphold the sacredness of life and work for justice and peace in society.
  • “In the United States the age of Confirmation in the Latin Church for children and young people varies from diocese to diocese; it can be designated between the age of discretion through around age sixteen years.”
  • At St. Raymond, the sacrament is currently celebrated in the fall of Freshman year. Parents and young people are encouraged to make this decision together in prayer, honest reflection and discernment. The young person, with parental guidance, needs to freely choose to confirm the promises of belief made at their Baptism.

(Quotations taken from the National Directory for Catechesis, 2005 pg.122)

Components of 7th grade Preparation:

  • Families begin the discussion and choice of a sponsor for Confirmation.
  • Young person participates in an afternoon of reflection.
  • Service to others is part of a Christian life. Service projects are strongly recommended.
  • Participation in parish Junior High Youth Ministry activities.

Components of 8th grade Preparation:

  • Mandatory parent formation meeting.
  • Attendance and active participation in Confirmation Retreat.
  • Young person writes a letter to the pastor expressing their desire to be confirmed.
  • Homily Reports- this should be done weekly.
  • Young person writes a letter of invitation to sponsor and continued communication with sponsor for support. (Fall Season)
  • Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit collage (Fall Season)
  • Research on adolescent’s baptismal saint’s name. (Winter Season)
  • ACRE Standardized exam (Winter)
  • Continued service activities and reflections written in “Discipleship Journal” that is collected before Confirmation. (Spring Break)
  • Mastery Test-take home (Spring Season)
  • Participation in the parish Junior High Youth Ministry activities.
  • Celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation in fall of Freshman year.
Cheryl Haluczak
Coordinator of Formation for Children and Sacraments  |  (847) 253-8600  x.151
Tina Kneisel
Formation Ministries Assistant | (847) 253-8600  x.138

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