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Home Study


Thank you for your patience! The year is about to begin for Home Study families:

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 11am to 12pm
Thursday, October 18, 2018 6pm to 7pm

Please sign-up by CLICKING HERE




What is Home Study?

In some situations, parents may choose to provide formal and systematic catechesis for their children at home. As part of the St. Raymond Parish Religious Education Program Home Study option, parents can focus on providing solid intellectual and moral information as well as nurturing their child’s spiritual life in the context of the home environment and personal schedule.

There is a great similarity between the family and the Church.  In fact, since Vatican II, the family has been called the “domestic church.”  Both communities share similar visions, tasks and responsibilities.  Both family and Church nurture, support, educate and challenge their members to grow to their full potential.

Long before your child was old enough for any formal religious education program, she/he was already introduced to our loving God through you.  Indeed, you are uniquely able to teach your child about the faith into which he/she was baptized.  As parent, you are actually mandated by the Church to ensure your child’s deepening faith formation by enrolling them in a parish

Religious Education Program (Catechesis Tradendae #37).

If you decide to choose the home study option, your family remains an integral part of the RE Program in every way.  You are always welcome to call on the director for any help or materials.  You will receive the RE newsletter, invitations to meetings, parish events or service projects, opportunities to volunteer, etc. through website or email newsletter.  These offerings support our home religious education parish connection.

Home Study Guidelines

St. Raymond De Penafort Parish, in keeping with all the applicable Archdiocesan policies and procedures, has basic expectations that need to be met if you choose the home study program.

1. The parent and the program director will begin the process with a conversation regarding mutual responsibilities and expectations.

2.  The parent agrees to follow the curriculum set forth by the parish using the texts and resources provided for his/her child only. There are no group home study programs.

3. The parent accepts the responsibility to have their child complete review pages or online chapter reviews.

4. The parent accepts responsibility to provide their child with the community dimension of catechesis.  Sharing faith with peers, Sunday worship and interaction with the whole parish community at parish and RE events is essential.

5. When the child is preparing for the celebration of a sacrament, the parent agrees to participate in the sacramental adult formation meetings, liturgical experiences and events.

6.  Parents are expected to continue their own faith development as they model faith in action for their child demonstrating the importance of their faith

7.  The parent agrees to pay the required home study tuition fee (based on parishioner/non-parishioner rate), plus book and sacramental fees.

8.  As part of the Religious Education program, the volunteer commitment applies.


The Church supports parents to provide their children with formal religious education.  The Church invites each parent to be confident that they posses a fundamental competence because they bring the tenderness and respect as parents to this privilege.  The Church also encourages parents to continue their own faith formation by attending talks, retreats, or through spiritual reading.