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We do not attend mass for our own personal fulfillment, instead we attend to praise God and give thanks for his blessings.  The St. Raymond’s  Family Mass Ministry  offers parents  and children the opportunity to actively participate in the Mass. Participating helps children and adults develop an understanding and appreciation for the Mass and Catholic traditions.  Since every family is different and unique, there are several opportunities to participate in the St. Raymond’s Family Mass.

  • Dress the Altar – Prepare the altar for mass by bringing up the linens and dressing altar.
  • Bread and Wine – bringing up the gifts is an acceptance of Christ’s blessings for ourselves and our parish community.
  • Intercessions – Where our community  hears the  prayer requests for the parish. Adults are asked to read community member names, while children are invited to read the remainder of the prepared script.

Consider participating to celebrate milestones. Examples include birthdays, new seasons in life, acceptance into college, adoption/gotcha day, and sport accomplishments.  Ready to join us? Please visit: or Contact Julie Rognstad at 847-363-6277