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The Outreach Ministry was created to answer the Parish Transformation’s call to cultivate a greater sense of belonging for all St. Raymond parishioners and our broader community. The Outreach Ministry has been meeting monthly since February 2015, and its focus and contributions have grown steadily. A few parish-focused initiatives include hand-written bereavement notes to parishioners who recently lost a loved one; a joyful greeter ministry at Christmas, Easter, and once a month at weekend Masses; and quarterly flyers inviting parish newcomers to upcoming St. Raymond events. With the help of many parishioners, this Ministry also contributes to St. Raymond’s reach beyond our parish campus. For example, sharing our parish story and giveaways at Mt. Prospect’s Farmers Market; giving generously to our Christmas Toy Drive in conjunction with the Mt. Prospect Fire Department; and welcoming new homeowners to the Mt. Prospect area with an invitation to visit St. Raymond. The Outreach Ministry hopes to more fully engage and grow our parish family by sharing the many blessings St. Raymond has to offer.


Kathi Szott