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We had a wonderful year with the 165 teens in our Branches program and wanted to highlight some of the things we did, topics we discussed, service rendered, and prayers said.

Branches groups: 165 teens =   35 Freshmen—3 groups;   40  Sophomores—3 groups;   45 Juniors—3 groups and   45 Seniors—3 groups

Topics we covered:

  • Dealing with stress & how faith can help
  • How to bring prayer and faith into everyday life
  • Ways to relax, meditate, & pray
  • Healthy relationships, sexual assault on college campuses (The Hunting Ground viewing)
  • Learning about hunger and our call to social justice
  • Discerning your gifts—what is God calling you to?
  • Learning about ourselves—personality quizzes
  • Friendship and the qualities of friends
  • Love Languages of teens & parent relationships
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Reconciliation in relationships
  • Parent and Teens—understanding each other
  • Alcohol and drugs—truth, decision-making, discussions
  • Refugees and immigration
  • Finding balance in life—prioritizing what truly matters
  • The College process—making decisions about where to go, keeping faith alive in college
  • Where is love in the world? Today’s problems and how we can make positive changes
  • Poverty and homelessness